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What is is a Knowledge Bank or say a Knowledge Book of Income Tax in India. The concepts are explained in the most simplistic manner on Income Tax in India. It is always updated with latest Income Tax information. If you want latest Tax slab, latest EPF rates, latest Gift Tax rules, latest ITR forms, latest section 80D limits, etc. you will find it all here.

Is for me?

If you are an Individual tax payer, then is for you. Since it is created with a layman in mind, its language is very simple. It explains all the complicated terms and sections in a very simple language with lots and lots of examples (100+ Examples), FAQs (500+ FAQs) and infographics (200+ Infographics). It helps you in –

  1. Step-by-Step Income Tax filing
  2. All your Income Tax queries solved at one place
  3. All the latest tax related forms at one place
  4. Access to latest Income Tax law and information
  5. Calculating your Income Tax with lots of calculators
  6. Helps you in Tax Saving under various sections. Comparison of various assets, etc.

Is this Knowledge Book regularly updated?

Yes, it is updated regularly and Weekly updates are published on the portal/app. and the updates will also be rolled out via emails regularly to the subscribers.

What are the Income Tax Topics covered?

All the topics which are needed by Individual taxpayers are covered in this Knowledge Book. Here are the main topics which are covered – Income Tax Basics, HUF, Section 80C, TDS, Other Deductions, Gift Tax, Real Estate, Other Allowances, Income Tax Calculations, Shares and Mutual Fund, Other Investments, Pension, Filing of ITR. Please Click here to see a detailed Content Index.

How do our Tax Calculators work?

We have uploaded and will keep uploading new calculators for various calculation purposes. You can simply download them from our library or from our specific article and insert your number details and get the easy access to the calculated solutions.

Subscription Queries

What is the price for subscription to

It is available at the price of Rs. 999/year only, with complete access of information. Please click here to register.

I have subscribed to the Knowledge Book but what if I still have questions on my Income Tax?

You can write to us at, we will surely try to solve your Tax query. We are trying to build-in app query management system, but it will take some more time.

How is subscription different from other Tax websites/ applications?

We have provided the content in simplest manner and have explained it with lots of examples and videos. We keep on updating our content as well as rolling out new articles and calculators, for your understanding. We have also explained various cases, citing examples for understanding the calculations and law. You may also suggest us the topic, by writing to us at We will write on your suggested topics.


I can easily get all the information for Free on web, why should I subscribe to this Income Tax Knowledge Book?

Yes, most of the information is available but here are the reasons, why you should subscribe to

  1. Income Tax information is always updated with latest rules & regulation which you may find it difficult to get from web. Try searching for latest EPF return rate on Google.
  2. Information is presented in very simple language with lot of examples and infographics which you may and may not find on web.
  3. All the latest tax forms are available at one place.
  4. Information explained with lot of videos.
  5. Advanced Search in the app and portal helps you finding information with lot of ease.
  6. Mobile app helps you quick and offline access to information at your fingertips.

I have subscribed to the Knowledge Book, I want to access a good Tax Consultant to help on my Income Tax.

There are some external CAs and Tax Consultants who help us in creating material for this Knowledge Book and we will be happy to connect you to them. Drop us an email at

Is all the information correct and latest? How do you make sure?

Even though content on this Knowledge Book is curated in simplest of language and for normal tax payers, it is entirely developed by experts. We have team of CAs and Tax Lawyers working full time on this. Each information presented is referred from Income Tax Law and then published. We take pride in our content and if you find Income Tax information mistakes on our Knowledge Book, please write to us at for up to 50% discount on our products.

What is the source of our Information?

Our source of information is purely from the Income Tax Law and the Rules thereon. We have simplified the information, so that ordinary people can also understand the concept and applicability of Tax Law in India.

About Yadnya

Who is Yadnya ?

We are startup in Personal Finance Education space established in 2016. Our name is Yadnya Academy Pvt. Ltd. We work to simplify Personal Finance for you. Our mission is to make personal finance easier for you. To know more about us, click this

What other services Yadnya provides?

We also provide other services like Financial Planning, Tax planning, Creating Portfolio or Managing it, Insurance Planning, Q/A sessions with experts, etc. We also provide classroom training and coaching sessions for individuals, corporate and educational institutions on various topics of personal finance.

Where all can you find us?

We have our YouTube channel in the name of Yadnya Investment Academy, you can subscribe and get access to our whole lot of videos on Tax, Financial Planning, Mutual Fund and Stock analysis and key Financial Updates.

Apart from YouTube, you can follow us on LinkedIn at Yadnya Academy Pvt Ltd, Facebook at Yadnya Investment Academy, and our Blog page  Invest Yadnya Blog.

General Queries

Is it available on mobile app?

Yes, currently Android app is available, where you can access all the information even in offline mode. Here is the app link to download.

Can I use my subscriber’s credentials across multiple devices, simultaneously?

No, you can login to your account using your subscriber’s credentials in one device, at a time.

Is compatible on all devices? Which are these devices?

Yes, you can access it on various devices. We have not yet rolled the app for phones having Apple (IOS) and Windows Operating System. For them, they can view the content using the browser instead of app. Meanwhile, devices includes your mobile phones, tablets, laptops and personal computers.